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About The Twisted Craftsman

From Theater to Jewelry!

I have always enjoyed working with my hands. Early in my professional life I worked in technical theater in a number of roles from stagehand to stage manager to sound engineer. One of my fondest and most treasured memories of that time being set building. No matter if it was a simple wall flat to something as complicated as a Wizard of Oz throne complete with propane fueled fire bursts and a rear projected film of the Great Wizard himself. It was always amazing to watch people at a show receive enjoyment from something that I had built.

As time went on I took a different career path and became a computer geek. After many years I realized that I was missing working with my hands the way that I used to, then one day browsing the web I saw my first coin ring, and was impressed that could be done with a coin. I was determined to figure out how to make one of these perfectly imperfect pieces of wearable history that I was seeing, and quickly found resources that provided the how-to knowledge to create my own coin rings.

I purchased the needed equipment and started practicing, ruining many coins in the process, but slowly learning the art and craft of hand forging coins into rings, all while getting to create with my hands again using a hammer, mandrel, and a blow torch.

The best thing about these coin rings is that they are really tiny snapshots of history whether depicted by the image or words on the coin, or by touching them wondering where the coin has been and the hands it has passed through.

I have added furniture and different types of jewelry since making the first coin ring, but I do occasionally make coin rings on request.

Thanks very much for visiting.