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Is making a ring from a coin legal?

Yes, it is legal to make jewelry from coins.  It is illegal to deface currency and fraudulently represent a coin as something it is not, i.e.; changing the way a half dollar looks to represent it as a piece of currency that it is not.  I do not offer these as coins, I offer them as works of art made from coins.

Can I provide you with my own coin?

Occasionally I do accept coins from customers.  There is always a chance of failure when forging your ring caused by a manufacturing defect in the coin itself.  For this reason I do not accept extremely valuable coins without a signed waiver of responsibility.  For more information please contact me at

What if I need to have my ring resized?

I will be more than happy to resize your ring for you.  Just cover shipping both ways.

My patina/clear coat is wearing off, what do I do?

Ring coatings will wear off over time.  I will be more than happy to re-patina your ring for $5.00.  You would be responsible for shipping both ways.  Please contact me for more information.

My gold plating/color coating is wearing off, what do I do?

As above, all ring coatings will eventually wear off.  Please contact me for re-plating/re-coloring information.

The sides of my ring are two different sizes?

Because of the varying thickness of coins rings made from them will have a taper(cone) shape.  This taper is placed on the inside of rings in order to maintain straight outside walls.

My item doesn't look exactly like the picture on the product page?

Since all of my items are handmade to order, unless otherwise stated, there may be minor differences from the picture presented on the product page.

What happens after I place my order?

Typical order processing time is 10-14 business days plus shipping time.  If we do not have your item in stock it will be ordered immediately and made when received.  Due to the handmade nature of our products occasionally there will be mishaps with a split coin.  If this occurs you will be notified and the order processing time will be adjusted accordingly.